Tenant Referinf

Hi, I have a potential tenant - a family of four adults. Should all the tenants be referenced or only the lead tenant? What is the best or usual practice ?

I would take references only for the names that you put on the tenancy agreement. People staying at the property as ‘guests’ (even if related family members) should be declared and agreed. State clearly on the agreement the maximum number of occupants allowed at the property and how the contracted tenants are to inform you or request changes to the permitted occupants.

My personal preference is to only have one name on the tenancy agreement irrespective of the nature of the relationships between tenants. I opt for the person I deem to be the most financially secure and has the most at stake if the tenancy ever becomes problematic. Fortunately, its never come to that as I hand pick my tenants, complete referencing as thoroughly as possible and maintain very good relationships with them.