Tenant relatives overstaying

I have good tenants but the house is modest in szize so I chose to rent to a couple with one child.
However I am almost certain they have relatives living with them. I have asked for reassurrance that they do not overstay re contract.
If I wish to be certain they follow this how do I check without spoiling ‘quiet enjoyment’


HI Sue,
Do you have a clause in the contract stating that breach of the number of tenants would be a reason to end the tenancy? To check the real situation be sure to do 3 monthly inspections - again so that it’s not a shock it’s best to make it clear in the contract that these are agreed to. Without that clause I think inspections are still allowed, but have to be ‘reasonable’ which is hard to prove. 6 monthly is generally accepted as reasonable, 3 monthly I’m not sure if it’s not in the contract. Then you should be able to see signs of more than the stated number of tenants when you visit. If your fixed tenancy is ending soon, or it has moved to a periodic you will have the option to speak with them about the seriousness of overstaying the ‘guest’ clause, and move to eviction if they refuse to comply.
Hope that helps.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. It states in the tenancy agreement ‘no more than two weeks’ staying. Impossible to check without damaging ‘right to peaceful enjoyment’. I have asked outright about the girl’s dad by email. She says he id just there for meals or he’d starve. So unsure how to disprove / prove. Good payers but I don’t want a damp house when too many stay in winter. I’ll do reg checks. Thanks again.

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Sue ensure the window trickle vents are used/open if the windows have them… Confirm your concerns in writing, the ‘right of peaceful enjoyment’ runs along side tenant AST compliance…
Have a good weekend…