Tenant rights on early release

We are currently in a 2 yr short term let with a break clause in April 22. This months Feb 22 we have been offered an early release by the landlord. We pay our rent on a 6 month basis and are due another 6 months on 14/02/22 this puts us 8 months in advance. The Agents insist on this payment even though I have informed them that we are actively searching for a long let and have requested that the 6 months rent due on 14/2 be set aside and and if we have not served notice of vacating the rent be paid monthly until ewe do. I assume that the offer of early termination means the contract is now void. Both parties being in agreement that we terminate early as soon as we are suited. The Agent also requires that the property be available for viewing immediately even though we have not officially served notice.
Can anybody advise me please.

This sounds like a dodgy agent. Why is the landlord releasing you early - did they say? What exactly are the terms of the early release? Are they refunding rent paid after the agreed release date? Do you have that in writing?

How exactly do you pay - how often and how many months? Is it maintained so that you are always 6 months in advance? If so, that is likely to be unlawful.

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