Early termination of tenancy

Hi guys, I’m in a bit of a pickle and need to know where i stand.
I’ve been placed into emergency accommodation due to a domestic issue (police involvement etc), informed my landlord and said I would need to end my tenancy 2 months early- I gave one months notice.
She has since contacted me saying I needed to give her 2 months and not 1 and how I need to pay the final months rent (which is virtually impossible for me). I understand there’s a break clause etc, but do I not have anything to stand on?..with it being a police matter and a matter of safeguarding urgency for myself and my children?
Please help…
Thanks in advance.

Get your Safeguarding Officer / Contact, or do it yourself if you have the strength to do so as it can be harrowing, to contact the local Council Housing department to see if they can help, if not asking the person who arranged for your emergency accommodation.

Good luck.