Tenant threw away all the blinds, curtains and blind poles

The tenant claimed after check-out that all blinds are brittle, dirty hence was disposed of including all the poles. However, the check-in report does not indicate any of these three years ago, nor the tenant ever mentioned it during the tenancy. As it is costly to reinstall back all the poles and cut the blinds fitted to each windows, and the tenant is responsible for return to the original condition, what is everyone’s experience in dealing with this? Thanks.

Claim for it and see what happened
Blinds last for decades

Thanks. And surprisingly the blinds in bedrooms are kept but not others. And these blinds are at the age. If others were brittle so were disposed, why the bedroom ones were not which does not sound consistent to me.

We have tracks from 40 years. The curtains get changed but there is nothing wrong with the tracks apart from needing a wash

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I agree. Claim the original cost less depreciation from the tenants deposit.

How to decide the depreciation i wonder? I did not keep any receipt. If I submit to the dispute, how the judge will decide it? Isn’t that disposal without the permission of landlord should be compensated even without any receipt?

You need to find some record of the original cost of each item, perhaps you rental accounts. You then find the manufacturers recommendation of the lifetime of thd item in a heavy wear environment. If the cost was £100 and they normally last 20 years and their age at the end of the tenancy is 10 years it would be

10 ÷ 20 × 100 = £50

If you can’t find the information then as long as you show your calculations and they are reasonable, the deposit scheme should treat the claim seriously.

I dont see why you shouldnt be able to claim for the current cost of replacement, not a depreciated amount.Prices are rising not falling, Why should you be out of pocket.

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Unfortunately neither the deposit schemes or the courts will allow the claim

Yes ive had this. The tenant has bare faced lied to my face saying they were never there lol. Try it if u have picture evidence maybe chance but unlikely. I would think hard what else could claim for. Must be something!!

When did you last update these items? And it’s not costly at all, you tight so-and-so. I replaced rails and curtains for £25 in one room recently. I didn’t bill the landlord.

Or do you expect to just give everything a clean with each tenancy, until you eventually sell up/die, like most tight-arse landlords do? I bet all your bathrooms are still avocado.

Basically, he’s ’ Nicked ’ them.

avacardo will be back again in 30 years time

Do not leave anything that you do not have to leave in a tenented property. They will take anything
going whether on purpose or accidentally.
I installed a new electric oven and they even took the oven pan which is really annoying.
They took all the instruction booklets as well
Oh and one curtain which is really annoying

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
My mother, a landlord of 50 years, has the same bath suite that she had when she moved into her house. So do all of her neighbours. No shower. It’s yellow with chicken scratch tiles!! She has an old rattling immersion heater for hot water. She has not rewired since 1970 when she brought her home.
Her tenants though have bells and whistles, ensuites, CAT cabling etc etc.
If we did not change and update we would not be able to rent to the tenant population in our demographic.
My mother’s generation grew up in a war when supplies were few and far between. They buy what is necessary, don’t waste, or contribute in excess to landfill or climate change.
Today’s generation change things because of boredom or fashion or social media influencers dictate it. We justify waste by alleging we contribute to the global economy.
In reality consumerism and materialism and waste are the biggest problem that our climate is facing.
Those who scraped and saved for their home, who did not throw things away for the sake of fashion, have their OWN roof over their head.
If tenants are tenants, and not homeowners, there is a reason why. It is a different mentality to budgeting.
When I was a tenant, before a homeowner, I lived in a cheap hovel (with cockroaches, mice and rat for cohabitansts), did not change anything and saved everything I could so I could get a deposit and buy my home.

Save your money and buy your own home and it will be more useful than a pair of curtains that you are unlikely to take with you anyway!!!

Save the planet!!

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While receipts are good, having a sign in and out inventory is more important.
If a tenant signed to say that an item was present at the start of the tenancy and in good condition, then it’s hard for them to credibly say they were not present, or dilapidated.

I agree with your point and in fact the landlord has to pay for full price for the next new tenancy after the disposal by the current tenant. From that, it is reasonable to claim. However, I do see the point from David122 and I also think that it may not be accepted by the deposit scheme.

I agree. You can’t stop tenants doing random things. They shouldn’t have taken your blinds though. Their excuse doesn’t stack up, they should have made you aware if there was a problem with the blinds, or asked your permission to remove them. Therefore. they have not fulfilled their tenantly duties, which probably forms part of your contract. Perhaps remind them of this, when you deduct the cost from their deposit, also suggest providing tenant with receipts/invoices for new replacement blinds with a full breakdown of costs.

Alternatively, if you have insured your property. Your insurance policy should offer you new for old policy and you may be able to claim though your insurance. Also see if it entitles you to free legal advice, if you are worried about how your tenant will react, perhaps having receiving a formal piece of paperwork might, make them a little more contrite. Perhaps they are just trying it on as they know you are a private landlord.

yes, they accepted that they were there when moved in. the issue is how to claim the cost of it which is a bit difficult without any receipt.

I suggest new for old.