Landlord removes blinds without warning/replacing?


Our landlord removed the blinds that came with the property. The property gets full sunlight and overlooks/is overlooked by other flats. We told the landlord that the property does need blinds (or similar) owing to all-day sunlight and privacy concerns.

Landlord said they will not replace the blinds. They said the curtains would suffice.

The curtains were not provided with the property (I purchased and fitted these and rails).

At my expense, I have had to purchase cheap voile net curtains and screw-free rods.

The contract says that the landlord must:

“11.8. To keep in repair and proper working order all mechanical and electrical items belonging to the Landlord and forming part of the fixtures and fittings, unless the lack of repair is due to the negligence or misuse of the Tenant, his family, or visitors.”

Should they be responsible for replacing the blinds and/or reimbursing me?

Obvious concern is challenging the landlord on this and they put the rent up.

Does anyone know if according to clause 11.8 (above) if it is their or our responsibility?

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Was there a maintenance reason for the removal? If not, then you are renting the blinds as well as the rest of the property and he has no right to remove them.

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Although quite clearly not an expert on these matters here is my opinion (for what its worth)
Are the blinds listed on an inventory as there?
When did you have the conversation with the landlord about it needing blinds?
Personally I wouldnt have thought blinds class as fixtures and fittings (obviously may be wrong) as they are an “optional extra” (previous occupants may have had them fitted)
“Cheap” (as you call them) net curtains arent going to provide much privacy or keep out much sunlight
As for reimbursement it MAY be worrh contacting LL and explaining that you have purchased them (obviously providing proof) and that if you are prepared to leave them when you leave would he be in agreement to reimburse you or at least partially
As I said THIS IS ONLY MY INEXPERIENCED OPINION am sure the experienced LL on here will advise better

He may be removing them to safety issues as many children have died due to choking and curtains are safer

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instead of cords you cannow get the vertical blinds with a rod that you rotate

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Hello, thanks everyone for your thoughts so far. To answer a couple of questions…

the landlord removed the blinds after having new modern windows fitted and the old blinds no-longer fit the new window frames. When we asked for the blinds to be re-installed or replaced, the landlord said they had decided not to do so (as a cost saving exercise). We requested that they replace the blinds bit-by-bit to spread the cost but this was ignored. The blinds are listed on the inventory as part of the tenancy.

Do the blinds count as a fixture / fitting if on the inventory? Can I withhold part of the rent (eek?) to cover the cost of fitting cheap voile curtains?

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts.

Was your purchase of curtains agreed in writing with the LL? Did he confirm that he would pay for them? Your LL may not even like these curtains and throw them away after you leave. Why would they pay for them?

On a separate note, how much you value this rental property that you’re willing to risk to fall out with your LL? Would you have no problem moving on if your LL would serve you an eviction notice? How easily will you be able to find another rental property in the same location with the same rent? This is something to consider. And, as you said, the LL can put the rent up if you decide to hold them responsible for the cost of cheap curtains.

You probably could have pressed the matter, but if youve already had curtains fitted, there seems little point arguing now.

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