Tenant wants to replace window blinds

I have a long term good tenant who would like to replace three window blinds at his own expense.

The existing vertical blinds are in reasonable condition and I would probably replace them in the next few years.

If I agree to this (assuming neutral/acceptable to most people) blinds are chosen, what would other landlords do if the tenancy ended whilst the blinds were still in good condition and the tenant asked for a contribution towards their cost?


I would normally allow a good long term tenant to make minor changes such as installing new blinds at their own expense. The only thing I would be concerned about is potential damage to any walls. If the blinds are fitted to the window frames as most are, I wouldn’t have a problem. A tenant seeking permission to make minor improvements would suggest they care about how their property looks and that would put my mind at ease that they will look after the property. If the tenant later decided to leave and wanted a contribution to the blinds I would probably agree if I felt that they generally enhanced the decor of the property.

One of my tenants put up curtains in a bedroom because the roller blind didn’t block out the light sufficiently. I could see it was a problem, I just wished they would have asked first.

From my experience, TT may take blinds with them. They usually throw the old perfectly working blinds (toilet seat, mattress or anything else) away, so you’re left with nothing. I would come and take off your blinds and carry them away or emphasize to the TT that they mustn’t throw them away and have to either leave “their” blinds or put yours back on when they move out. I would follow it up with an e-mail (none of it will guarantee that they’ll cooperate). We had sturdy wooden toilet seat thrown out without our permission and replaced by acidic pink one. It’s an eye sore but, at least, she didn’t take it with her. We have other examples, but you get the gist.

If the blinds are affixed to the property in in way, they immediately become the property of the landlord and the tenant cannot them remove them without your permission and you are not obliged to make any financial contribution.

I would write to the tenant and make this clear to them before they go ahead.


Which is it?

I would tell them to take down the blinds carefully and hand over to you for storage, and identify their proposals for your prior approval.

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