Tenant wants to leave through break clause

Hello, my tenant wishes to leave my property 2 months early by using the break clause. I am happy for him to do so yet does he need to serve notice here in open rent? What does he need to do or what do I need to do for this to take affect legally? We do have a very good and respectful verbal agreement.
Thank you in advance for any advice…I am new here.

He needs to follow the tenant notice clause in your tenancy agreement and you need to check it complies.

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While it’s great that you have a verbal agreement, I would definitely have it written down somewhere, in an email for example, as you may need this to show utility companies or council if they require evidence to show when liabilities for bills end/start. As David says, you should check the contract to ensure the notice complies.

In terms of “serving notice on Openrent”, under Manage my tenancies, under the section “Tenancy Renewal / End” you can select the appropriate option and dates.

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