Tenants possesions

My tenant has left personal possesions at the property she is quoting she has a legal right to them I"ve offered her the chance to collect but she always she cant make it how long do I have to keep them for

21 days but certain steps need to be followed. Look up the The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977.

They can be charged storage and costs to dispose of once deadline reached.

However, how they can actually prove what was and wasn’t left behind is another question altogether…

Your tenancy agreement probably says how long you need to keep the stuff. Its usually a couple of weeks. You need to point that out to her and make repeated efforts to get her to collect during that period. At the end of it you can dump the belongings.

If I remember correctly, NRLA Tenancy Agreement states that all uncollected possessions should be collected within 14 days with LL giving two chances (documented) to collect them. After than they will be disposed. I also believe there is an official template you can send T to inform them about their rights, responsibilities and the timelines.

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