Tenants Residency Permit due to expire

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well.
Both our tenants Residency Permits are due to expire. One three days before our Open Rent tenancy agreement is due for renewal and the other a few months later. Are we legally required to do anything? Must the tenants legally provide proof that they have another Residency Permit before we renew?

You need to do a “right to rent” check, this is possible online if they have a “share code” - Check your tenant's right to rent: How to do a check - GOV.UK

However, it sounds as if the home office may have their documents, so you may need to use the landlord checking service - Right to rent


Thank you for your reply, it’s very helpful.

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When Open Rent did the reference checks they obtained copies of the Residency Permit cards which we then had to check in person and copy. Does Open Rent need a copy of the tenants renewed Residency Permits? What happens if the first tenants Residency Permit is not renewed before the AST is due for renewal? Do they have to vacate the premises and do we give them notice to do so? Can we even renew the AST if the second tenant’s Residency Permit isnt due for renewal until 3 months into the AST and it’s not available before then? What happens if the Residency Permit is not renewed but the AST is signed and the tenant is in situ? Thanks

You dont need to renew the tenancy as it just becomes periodic, (usually monthly rolling) on expiry. However, you could renew it if you wish to pay the fee. Either way, I think you need to do the right to rent check and if they fail you will need to take steps to evict them.

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Hi David, we have good tenants so we want to avoid having to evict them. We have spoken to them about their Residency Permits but it may be that they can only apply to renew a month before expiry. Anyway they are looking into getting it done.