Tennant Application Concerns

I had a huge amount of interest in my property and chose two people who seemed to be suitable tenants. However on the reference check it shows two outstanding ccjs - one cleared 2017 £500. and one current 2016, £381. She did text me and say that she had declared them and also to say she had been declined, and asked me what she could do to reassure me that they would be suitable tenants. The reference application was declined, high risk and the other one was medium risk. They have each provided a guarantor, who I am referencing now. One has passed. Also they have only been in their jobs for 1 and 2 months respectively. How am I best to proceed (or not) with their application?

What are the ccjs for? If they are for rent arrears it would be an absolute no from me. If not it would depend on the circumstances, but as there are two instances it isn’t looking good.


i would not do it ccj red flag

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I would by-pass that one very quickly.
Too many grey areas.

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Its odd that the two you mention are for small amounts. I’d ask what they are for and ask to see documentation to back that up. I almost got a CCJ once from a builder who hadn’t met terms of contract. Was not a matter of affordability but principle. In the end I paid the £600 rather than get a CCJ. If their CCJs are anything rent or debt payment related I’d pass.