Tennant on contract leaving, live in girlfriend wants to stay


I have a tenant (friend) with a rolling stc, his is the only name on the contract but his girlfriend has been living in the flat for about 6 months or so (I’m fine with that).

They have recently broken up and advised the girlfriend may want to take over the tenancy. As her names not on the contract a new one would be needed, am I right in assuming I’d need a new EICR as they are not time dependent but tenancy dependant ( annoying to say the least)?! I’d need a deposit in her name too.

Would I need to redo anything else?


You will need a new contract , deposit
Restart inventory etc again ( so ensure the property is left clean)
Serve EICR, EPC, Gas How to rent Guide, Data Information Notice, Guarantor agreement

You only need a new EICR if your current one says renew at change of tenancy. If it does, use a different electrician as they are supposed to be every 5 years. Check this with them beforehand.

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ah ok I was assuming on the EICR thinking they had to be redone each tenancy but it could just be every 5 years? (like the gas cert if annually). I’ll take a look at the certificate?

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EICR is not required at change of tenant