Tennets ending tennacy after 5 months

Needing some advice please.
My tennets have informed me they will be ending the tenancy after only moving in on 16th Jan 2023. They signed a 12 month contact and informed me there are issues that can’t be resolved ( however i have not been informed of any issues from them) they said they had also fallen out with the house and the area.
I was wandering where i stand with as this?
The agreement says that if they end the tenncy early ie under 6 months then they are liable to pay rent upto and including the termination date which is the 16th May.
Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct. However, I would suggest that you let them know that you will look for a new tenant, but they must pay rent until someone else moves in and your reasonable costs for dealing with a change of tenancy.

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Thank you David.
I have looked at the breaking clause and apparently they can break the contract after 4 months. It does say that they have to pay upto and including the termination date.
Just wanted to get my facts right before contacting them .
They have also informed me by WhatsApp which i find a little in-personal

What does the tenancy agreement say about how they can activate the break clause? The must follow it exactly for you to be able to rely on it. Method of service, length of notice, date the tenancy will end and unequivocal language.

There is a break clause which can be used after 4 months of being in the property. They must give 2 months notice and pay upto and including the termination date if it is not the date of the last day of tennacy.

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