The landlord answer that i was not appropriate for alphington

the landlord said that i was not apporpriate for a bed sit
in alphington road a room in alphington street , of 490pounds , when actually
a- i didnt answer all teh question that he ask me as i was quiet busy and so i answer only three questions and also b- actually it is teh lowest rent , the only problem it is that it alphington a little bit far away but still i can manage , i have the affiordability and also other stuff so i cant undertsand landlord decision or who it i s??
thanks you that was quite suprising for me a
coudl you please answer about this question thanks you regards silvia taxsi bordogan valnigra

Landlords ask questions for a reason.if you didnt answer, that would explain it.


Yes, they will have a lot of enquiries, so if someone can’t take the time to answer the questions asked, for me, they are out.


yes good reason yes , i didnt have time to answer all the questions thank you , true sorry as small time . but still thansk you in answer taht answer my questioon thansk you regards

It probably takes 30 minutes to complete the form, and most landlords wouldn’t even consider anyone who can’t be bothered to take that time to apply. The answers are needed to give a general view of the prospective tenant as well as carry out background checks, and if you haven’t time to do that, I’d immediately think you didn’t have time to pay the rent either.


Not bothering to answer landlords questions means I’d throw that application in the bin. It suggests that you are not conscientious enough, you need to impress I’m afraid.

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When my flat was last advertised, I sent out a questionnaire to all applicants. Those that didn’t return it didn’t get a viewing. If t had been returned with only a few questions answered they would not get a viewing. I had 17 enquiries about my flat last time; so if someone doesn’t take the time to bother I always have someone else who has taken the time to fill it in.

The couple who got the flat not only filled in the questionnaire, but gave me additional information that I hadn’t asked for. They were also very pleasant and polite.

So learn, and answer the questions next time!

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I completely accept the need for landlords to gather the information we need to select the right tenant, but I do also think we need some empathy with the tenants who are deparately looking for a property in an increasingly difficult market and who may be asked to complete different forms for 20 or more properties, knowing that theyre in a race with scores of other tenants for each and that every moment is critical.

We do exactly the same bob_belinda I had over 100 requests to view my property (open rent stopped the advert at one point) anyone who didn’t answer or partially answered the questions I sent was automatically rejected. If you can’t be bothered answering the questions I need there are many others who can and therefore will get a viewing. I don’t have the time to chase up or guess peoples answers

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On the initial screening questions, Tenants just need to keep all their answers and relevant points in a word document. Copy and paste and volunteer information. Not difficult. I had 27 applicants in just 3 days, takes time to deal with.

thank you in letting me knwo great


thank you , yes was in hurry , but tks to let me know great , sorry not filling all the questionaire tks