Tier 2 vs Private Tenants and Estate Agents

Housing agents viewing various properties with various clients, how can you a private tenant who is following government covid19 guidelines protect your self against the rights of Estate agents to demand to view your flat/house?
What guideline does openrent excise following government guidelines with the current covid19 surge, face my borough, Richmond, and elsewhere, the government is forcing housing market sales, at the same time, risking the spread of coronavirus through Agents who have met many other clients and traveled to many other parts of town and then popping up your flat demanding that they have rights to view, who can we hold accountable if us as a private tenant become ill with covid19, or even die? What measures can private sector renters excise to minimize the real possibilities of the stress the government and landlords have failed to realize that we as Tennant are their financial success and they must treat as with respect, curently London Borough of Richmond upon Thames** .

Current Local COVID Alert Level

This area is in Local COVID Alert Level: High

Any help in this discussion is welcome, “help save Private Tennaats lives” All life’s matter if we stop for a moment and reflect what our ways of life affect the other.

They just say no. If the tenant refuses access then it would be breach of quiet enjoyment and potentially harassment for the agent to push past them.

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Thank you so much, sometimes with all that’s going around one cannot think correctly, much appreciated.