Tv aerial - landlord responsibility?

New tenants have installed foreign satellite (which we agreed to ) but now say uk tv and aerial is not working - is this my responsibility as the landlord ?

If your contract says the utilities/services are the tenants responsibility then it’s up to them to handle this though you may need to give approval for any structural work such as installing hardware on the building

Thank you - I just used the standard Openrent Contract - any idea what this states without me trawling though it ?

Standard OpenRent contract says

8.25. Not to erect external aerials or satellite dishes.

But if you’ve allowed them to ignore this clause, then it’s not unreasonable to say it’s their responsibility to fix it if it f***s up their existing tele service.

Another school of thought is that being able to access UK TV was part of the property when viewed, so if it’s broken then it’s your duty as Landlord to repair.

I would make the first argument personally, since it’s clearly the new satellite that’s messed things up.

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Basically you’re in a good position to not have to deal with this bullsh*t

Hi Jane,

BTL has summed it up, but you can see the contract here if you wish:

You can also check your own specific contract in the OpenRent dashboard!


If the tenant has installed equipment which interferes with your equipment which was known to be working beforehand, the installation must be at fault. Therefore the installer/tenant should be liable for putting it right.