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I moved into a new property and afterwards realised there was no tv Ariel I can’t afford to get one installed and would like to know if the landlord would be responsible for installing one or is it up to me

It rather depends what it says in your contract - why don’t you ask the LLs instead of us?

I think most people watch tv through the internet now dont they? Do you really need an aerial?

I doubt it would show in the contract who’s responsibility a TV ariel is, but you could check.

This appears to be an oversight from your viewing, and you can’t expect the Landlord to pay for something that wasn’t there on viewing, and that he never planned to install. A few years ago, I think most would consider this as something all properties would have anyway, but nowadays with many people watching via fibre/ sky/ internet, the TV ariel is increasingly unused.

You could ask, but likely a more appropriate question is whether they agree to allow you to install this yourself. You could put one in the attic to keep costs down, but my experience of installing TV ariels is that they dont cost a fortune to have fitted anyway.

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Not expensive to put up. If you cannot afford it and tell the landlord that ,he will be wondering how can you afford the rent.

We agreed to do this for an elderly tenant about 7 years ago after pressure from our then letting agent who made us feel like it was our responsibility. Guy only lasted 6 months anyway. I wouldn’t do it now that i manage properties myself having long since ditched the agent.

This thread was worth it just to see how many different spellings there are of aerial :smile:

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