UK normal process is to email a passport?

I have an adult child transferring for a term to UCL from USA, landlord is asking for passport, no issue but landlord does not have secure access/portal…asking it to be emailed, which I normally would never send.
Is it normal in UK for Landlords to ask for docs via email instead of provide secure link?
Thank you

Many UK landlords belong to the private rental sector and are not large organisations. I imagine the landlord you are dealing with is not set up to provide a secure link for you to send documents. Possibly if they intend to perform reference checks it could be arranged for you to send your docs directly to the reference agency.

All landlords have to perform “right to rent” checks on foreign tenants in order to prove they have the right to reside here and are not illegals. Up until about a year ago it used to be the system that landlords would have to check the passport directly. However since a year or so ago there is a new system whereby the tenant registers with the Home Office (who grant the visas for study, etc) for a “share code” which they then provide to the landlord. The landlord then goes to the website, inputs the share code and gets a yes or no answer. So there is no need to provide passport copy directly to landlord any more.