What else can be used as right to rent checks other than passport?


Current tenant has been in property the last 12 years, when he moved in originally no right to rent checks were done at the time as wasn’t required, now for selective licensing it’s a requirement, they’re asking for a valid passport, if the tenant doesn’t have a valid passport what else can be used as proof?
Thanks in advance!

You can ask for a uk driving Licence

I believe an identity card depending on which country they are from but double check me on that!

Ok great, thanks :blush: will ask for that

Uk citizen so I’m wondering if a birth certificate should suffice?

I think these days photographic evidence is required.
If from the UK, we don’t use Identify Cards I don’t think.

Doesn’t it say which documents are acceptable?

You can use the Gov.uk tool to check here: https://www.gov.uk/landlord-immigration-check

It’s a bit tedious as there are lots of questions, but the good thing is it will tell you for sure that you are following the correct process.

Thanks, will have a look

I’m going to have a look, thanks