Unattended Gas Service Appointment: Seeking Advice.

I have paid for a Gas Safety Certificate and a Boiler Service. My tenant waited all day for the Supplier to show up, but they never did. Later, I received a message from the Supplier saying, “He knocked the door and was there for 15 minutes”, but we are certain that no one came. Has anyone experienced the same situation? Can we get a refund or book with another Supplier? Thank you.

money for old rope turn up and go ,or do not turn up and say you have. Get your own boiler engineer

We had similar things with delivery couriers who insisted that nobody was at home, and we had to collect the parcel.
I know it’s not the same. As you paid not for gas engineer to turn up but to get the ckecks done, they should book you with another one. This time ask them if “nobody is at home” again, to take the photo of the front door or the whole house to prove they’ve actually been there. Or better still, give them a phone nr to call if the same thing happens. Why didn’t the engineer call you if he couldn’t get in? Isn’t it a common sense?

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