Unknown number asking for details and calling me scammer

Hi i wanted to book a viewing for a property and enquire about renting to rent as i would like to get into it with my partner. 10 mins later I received a call from UNKNOWN number, the person asked me a ton of questions including my address, i asked where is he calling from but he kept avoiding the question he said he gets the calls put through to him and he has to get information from me to see if im eligible etc. he then proceeded to ask for my partners info. So i asked again if he can confirm his name and company he is calling from. He then started saying i am a scammer and he will name and shame me! There is so much scamming online so i wanted to know who im talkng to… can someone tell me if it was a scam? Where can i report this etc? Im living in a rented property via Open rent for almost 3 years now and i am surely not a scammer. Im very concerned now as he has my address and definitely his approach was unprofessional. Any advice will be greatly appriciated!
Thank you

I NEVER speak to a person on an unknown or witheld number for any length of time unless I know them and if you do not know them assume it is a scam


First of all establish if the property you enquired on is real or fake. If it’s fake report it to the site you viewed it on. If openrent there’s a link at bottom of the advert.

In regards to the follow up call just forget about it. These people are absolute filth, personally I enjoy winding em up.

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I’m not surprised you got that response. Rent to rent is not financially viable unless it is a scam where the middle man cuts corners and causes huge problems for the landlord. Forget that expensive course you took. Im afraid they saw you coming. Google “Rent to rent scam” to understand why no landlord should ever get involved.