Unreliable reference

I went to view a property last week that wasn’t the right fit. But the viewing agent mentioned other properties in conversation and I later messaged to explain that the property wasnt right for us but we’d be keen on seeing the other.

As luck would have it the lady came back and stated there was a property coming up in a couple of months thats getting gutted with the internal side being completely revamped.

Excited was not the word. We placed the holding deposit down 2 days ago. And proceeded with referencing on myself.

Unfortunately earlier this year I found out through clear score that I had a CCJ as a private car park had sent me a ticket to an old address that I never recieved. Anyway I paid it as soon as I found out and ive just accepted that life will be life. So I was sceptical if id pass that stage (I didnt)

Regardless. That didnt create me any issues so far after explaining why.

Fast forward to this morning my previous landlord and my manager have answered referencing from open rent. Apparently this was just by email and no contact was made over the phone. Which in my opinion seems extremely lazy from open rent.

Ping, email comes through referencing sent to landlord. I thought Brill, this is it.

Until I open open rent up and see that both my employer and previous Landlord’s referencing have been deleted and ive failed both categorises.

“Unreliable reference”

Bare in mind this isnt the landlord. This is open rent. So what does this mean? Does a robot tick the boxes or is it an actual real life agent. Because I cant get my head around it and how they have deemed references to be unreliable.

My employers are a nationwide company that have been in business since 2011.

As for my previous landlord im not sure how theyd dertimine for that to be reliable.

Anyway. Went back to the LL and rightly so he has stated he cant rent to me for insurance purposes unless the references are resolved. So ive contacted open rent but 12 hours later and still no reply.

Cant find a number for them so as far as im aware its email only which seems again, Really lazy considering they’re a huge platform for landlords to let.

Bottom line is, we lose the property because open rent have somehow come to the conclusion that my references are unreliable. Yet I cannot find an explanation anywhere on what it actually means.

Has any landlords or tenants had this issue previously and if so how did they resolve it?

Thankyou in advance,

Just to calrify you paid the holding deposit and started regerencing in.YOU but you go on to say we (we loose the property etc) what about the 2nd person?

Did you view the property prior to placing the holding deposit and doing the references

When you say “my previous landlord” do you mean the last place you lived or the lanlord you currently have who will become your previous ll (if last place what about current ll)

As for OpenRent only using e mails I would a lot of their business is dome remotely rhese days and it is far easier for their agents to work from home via e mail

I do not know if OR will give any information to you about any failed referencing. The referencing was a service they provided to the Landlord, so they would not be obliged to discuss this with you.

The Landlord would have been provided some more information on the reference report. They may be able / willing to provide more information to you.

How confident are you that your existing / previous Landlord would have given you a positive reference?

Hi Karl,

The landlord hasnt been provided with any information at all.

Both references from Work and my previousl LL have been removed because open rent decided they were “unreliable”

Both my employer and my previous LL have forwarded me the references incase the potential new LL accepts them via other routes. Both of which are great.

My last property was kept immaculate. I’m not one of those many nightmare tenants you hear about luckily. It was only due to him retiring and selling up all of his 12 properties that I have found myself here.

Hi Gary.

I say we, my partner will be staying a few nights a week as she works futher away so she wasn’t referenced due to not moving in.

It is my previous landlords reference that has been removed on open rent so my potentially new landlord cannot see the reference. Which is the issue as in open rents words,

The reference is "unreliable "

So what about where u are livung at the moment that is your CURRENT landlord

Im living in a hotel. I do not have a current landlord.

The only solution is to provide evidence to Openrent that your references are genuine if that’s the case.

As a LL, I can see why you have failed, the only solution that would be acceptable to me is that if you supplied a property owner guarantor. I have done this with a 3 out of my 8 properties and has been successful.
PS I did have an applicant who said his mum owned her own house but wouldnt sign for him, RED FLAG. If his mum dont trust him ??


If you have a contact for the new LL try and send him the references directly outside of OpenRent. When you complain to OR attach your new references which as you say are good. I hope that they have responded to you in why they deemed them to to be “unreliable” but if not, send a complaint letter as i say.

I hope this gets resolved. OpenRent should be a new solution for LLs that want to rent out their properties themselves and not through letting agents. They are hardly a solution if they are not replying to potential tenants or doing the referencing correctly. Good luck

Hi Nadia, Unfortunately the references had to be dealt with via open rent as he doesnt accept his own references so we gave up in the end. Thankyou for your input though!

Hi Leslie, really appreciate your comment however this wasnt the issue we had as stated in my original message. It was to do with why the references were showing as unreliable through open rent. The LL didnt have an issue with the CCJ as again stated in my message it wasnt like 1,000s of intentional debt it was a parking ticket that was sent to a previous address. We gave up the end as open rent were still marking the references as unreliable. Cheers

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately open rent could not give us a reason as to why the references were deemed “unreliable” as it is their automated system that determines this.

In the end we just gave up with it.
Thanks again