Unusual Rent arrears situation

Unusuall situation. We have had these tenants for over 10 years without any trouble. Unfortunatly the wife has fallen ill and it looks like it may be terminal. They now have no income and have used up their savings, they claim that they are getting no financial help from the Goverment. They said they would pay half of the rent, but as of today nothing has been paid.
I feel very bad to be looking at this financial under the circumstances but have my own financial commitments to meet. Ant advice would be very welcome.

Unfortunately I would say it business and
Would some help me and the answer would be probably be no.
Buy all means try and get a payment plan or see if there’s away of paying the arrears back at a later date .
But this what happens in this country no one saves for a rainy day ?

I cannot believe they can get no help. Give them notice . Head not heart


They are almost certainly eligible for some benefits, including rent support. If you want to help them then I suggest you give them some numbers to call where they can check their entitlement and make an application. I would also serve a precautionary s21 now in case they do nothing.


If they have no income, no savings and no government help I wonder what they are living on.

They are entitled to benefits and would also be entitled to help from Housing Benefit to cover their rent.

If they claim UC the HB portion is all lumped in together (I think).

Do as David suggests and try and supply them with the information they need.

You can also look at your local Councils website to see how much the LA will pay towards a property in your area. It will most probably be less than the rent with the tenant expected to make up the short fall.

The number of people and the number of bedrooms are also taken into account.
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Thanks for all the response, we have now received a payment after sending them an email, maybe they were waiting for UC for a paynment. We,ll see what next month brings !!


That’s good, but shame after all this time, they didn’t tell you what was going on.
But good luck going forward.

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I dont think I would just be waiting and seeing. I think you need a conversation with the tenant about their income iver the next few months, otherwise youre going to be on the backfoot the whole time.


that is why I do credit checks, ask them employment update etc on long term tenants each renewal or once in a couple of yrs. relationships, circumstances change financially in this unstable world.

Get going on the eviction process tell them you are sorry but you have no choice. It can really focus them You could be a year getting them out with no income so dont delay.
Do you really think they care less about you? Answer is no

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