Rent arrears over three months

Hi, I was wondering if you could please advise me. I have a tenant in the property and she is receiving a universal credit benefit. I have issued her a eviction notice and she is in rent arrears for over three months. I rung universal credit and they told me to complete an online form so that the rent will come directly into my account. I have filled it twice and it keeps getting rejected saying that the person might not be entitled to receive benefit or the rent arrears might be one month etc.

I have rung and spoken to universal credit and and they said that they can’t help. I know for a fact that she receives universal credit because I used to get rent direct into my account from universal credit up until August this year. She stopped it only when I sent her an eviction notice. Is there any way I could request rent to me directly?

I just can’t believe that there are people out there who think that keeping the rent, paid for out of taxpayer funds, is okay.

You have gone down the route of filling in online direct payment request.

Some councils (allegedly) have a private housing officer. You could see if there is one who could help.

I don’t know if this is possible but if you got a CCJ against her if you could then apply to have a portion taken off future benefits?

Best route is to make a formal complaint.

Thank you very much. Do I contact Universal Credit or local council for private housing officer?


Who do I make complaint to please?

The council and wishing you good luck.