Urgent help please- Tenant referencing - overseas address?


My prospective tenant has been in the uK for 1 year and 4 months previously lived abroad for 20 years - what do they put when adding previous address?


Put down his current UK address!

Otherwise explain what the problem is.

He has entered his current address, but as he has been there less than 3 years it is asking for previous address but won’t let him enter an overseas address.

This sounds like my position where foreign phone numbers can’t be entered a UK website. If it is a case of filling in a website form, then phone the company concerned and tell them over the phone what the address is because the website is refusing to accept the data entry. They then may provide the service that you seek.

If you simply want the tenant, then you can.

If you want a rent guarantee company to cover you, then you need to call the rent guarantee company, if you can get through to them - probably easier to send an email to them if you have one for them.

I am still guessing as to what the problem is. Hopefully, I have guessed right!

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