Using openrent for the first time

Hi All.

I’m looking into using openrent to let my property, but is it really as easy as it seems?

I’ve always used agencies before, but thought I could give a go. I’m sure there’s a million questions, but for starters:

How do you accept or decline a tennents after a viewing? Online or face to face?

Novice question I know, but thanks in advance.


ask all the questions via openrent BEFORE you let anyone view . This will elliminate 75% of applicants as unsuitable. Do NOT initially give out your phone number.

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Thank you Colin, that makes sense. The only reason for my question regarding accepting or declining people, was just to see how easy it is. Click a button or tell them there and there.

If it’s all done online, then my wife and I can be more flexible with viewing times.

Hope this makes sense.

I ask all the questions first Where do you work. do you have children do you have pets. do you have a current landlord… How old are you. Is it for yourself only. Do you have any CCJ s. etc. Then if you do not like any of the answers you can say . Sorry I cannot help you , by openrent . they cannot reply once you delete them. Those you do give a viewing to . If they have lied to you( you have all previous answers ) reject them . there will be a load of liers and chancers, Openrent is the way forward

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