Video inventory

Anyone used or do a video inventory? Normal inventories are mind numbingly boring and time consuming, whereas panning round a property filming every room can be done in a fraction of the time.

Anyone familiar with this, and how it could be logged and digitally signed?

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Right, going to get the days newspaper and film that as part of the video. Hard to dispute. I’ve emailed TDS see what they think.

Can be done but you must be sure to record any existing faults (think close-ups) and areas where you know could lead to potential issues such as window bays where mould may form due to insufficient ventilation. DPS generally prefer high resolution photos if arbitrating disputes. They have video tutorials on how best to approach this from a landlords’ perspective.

I do a quick inventory to sign on arrival, mainly keys and doormats. Then I do a longer generalized description with a video and sometimes some photos on a usb stick which I attach to the main inventory for them to look at and sign at their leisure once they have had a chance to look at things.

I used to put the videos on a dvd then realised nobody has a DVD player these days… Its hard to get all the detail on a video, as you move it you lose all the fine detail, ideally you need a steadycam/gimbal affair and a big portable light rather than waving a mobile around like I do.

To be honest I’ve had professional inventories done and painstakingly detailed ones by myself and none of them have ended up being useful in the end. Though I guess you have it so you don’t need it.

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TDS have just emailed me youtube link video is fine. 20mb max. so I think I will just video defects as I go along and name them in the video, each visit follow same process. photos are a pain

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