Inventory. Ever not done one?

Have any landlords here ever not done an inventory?

If so, why?

I am letting out a small, one-bedroomed house, unfurnished, but still doing an unventory.

Walls, plumbing, kitchen units, bath, toilet, carpets and heaters can still be damaged.

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This is only speculative but the potential reasons could be if the landlord simply isn’t aware of the need or benefits of having an inventory, or if they were renting out to family/friends who they absolutely trust to keep the place in pristine condition. I would always do an inventory without exception, for the reasons you mentioned in your post.

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I would guess most LL don’t do them due to cost and not having the know how to do it themselves.
If you hire a pro they will conduct one at check-in, mid-term and then at checkout. I am a new LL and will use a pro although I can understand why many wouldn’t bother because of the added cost.


Used to do an inventory on paper but recently we just do a photoshoot that records the condition of the property and the fittings - including floors & walls. One copy given to new tenant on CD. Any dispute is better referred to a dated photo than to writing.

Historically, I have not done them, but now always use InventoryHive. Takes time to get them set up, but very thorough, so I’m use to it now & works well. I also use a Theta 360 degree camera & import the 360 degree photos into the inventory, so every nook & crannie of the property is covered.


I’ve been a landlord for a long, long time and ALWAYS get a professional inventory done. We currently have tenants moving out after a 3 year tenancy and the damage done to an 8 year old fitted kitchen - that wasn’t cheap given it’s for a rental property - beggars belief. Without the independent inventory stating that the kitchen was in pristine condition when they moved in, we’d have no evidence that it wasn’t already in a poor state of repair.
Professional inventories used to be quite pricey but there are online services available with digital imaging and downloads for both tenant and landlord that are easy to organise and good value.

Glad i joined OpenRent snd will be interested in seeing the quality of the inventory service

So far I’m very pleased with the experience (Rent Now, Tenent Referencing, contract signing)
Still flowing through the stages.

Try smarterinventories, will have to do it yourself, u will own the report and it costs only about 7 pounds per report.
Also easy peesy to do it.

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