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Viewed a property today noone else was interested then the rent was increased and it was given to someone else

I just found a place today that I really liked it was perfect. I said we wanted it and was told the others had not said they wanted it so to put a deposit. When I got home we put the deposit. When we looked at the listing the rent had been increased by £50. The holding deposit was returned and we was told 4 people had put holding deposits. There was one viewing after mine so basically the landlord offered it to them for £50 more

Why do landlords lie and waste peoples time its really annoying

I’m sorry you’ve had this experience, it’s a lousy way to treat prospective tenants, who are people needing a home. It should never be just about the money and moneygrubbing landlords who behave like this deserve to get bad tenants.
I’ve been a landlord for 19 years and I don’t take holding deposits. I would never ask some one to pay a deposit until I’ve met everybody who’s answered the advert and checked references and I’m then certain who I want to have as my tenant. I certainly wouldn’t put the rent up after viewings have started.
There are decent landlords out there, plenty of us! Good luck with finding your new home.


susan 1 Totally agree i have never taken a holding deposit eiher .

Indeed its always a shame when someone tarnishes the rest. As it turns out i just viewed a much nicer property amazing storage and a huge back garden in new cross right next to the station and night bus 10 minutes ride to work £50 less zero deposit and half price rent the first month and to my surprise a hour later we got it. So the other people did me a favour. It was with an estate agent though so maybe that made it more simple. you sound nice i hope you always have wonderful tenants.
At a previous viewing the lady said we will contact everyone after the viewings so yes their are nice people out there


I’m glad you’ve fund somewhere nice. Enjoy your new home!

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I got one whether I wanted one or not. They just press the rent now button even though I havent met them at that oount. I ended up explaining that that they had acted too quickly. The rent now button should be opened up by the landlord once it has veen verbally agreed subject to passing the referencing.

Christine2, I would take that out of Openrents hands by using the advertise only option.Only rent to people you have met. I take a holding deposit after they have filled in a pre questionarre, but not through Openrent as they often side with tenants. That way if they lie about something that fails referencing you keep the deposit. Nice to be trusting, but the days of gentlemen handshakes are gone and people lie and deceive sadly.


Hi All.
We drove 4 hours each way to view a property and meet the owner, the next day we were asked to leave a deposit. We had a very quick move in date so started arranging hire vans etc. We were called by the landlady after leaving a message to be told that her circumstances had changed and she could no longer rent to us, we then noticed the property relisted at a higher price.( Surely this should not be acceptable).

Sadly there are landlords and tenants who dont keep their word. Nothing you can do about it

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