Violent neighbour ruining things

Threatening, psychopathic Violent neighbour chasing my tenant away

So my managing agent called me today to say that my tenant wants to leave my rental flat because she is being seriously persecuted by her neighbour who lives directly beneath her. I don’t know anything about him other than the fact that he is probably a council tenant and sounds extremely dangerous from what the managing agent said. Apparently he tried to access my flat by climbing from his balcony to my flats balcony. He also threatened to kill her . My tenant called the cops and he was detained overnight but he had been released and he is now back in the flat.

This nut job of a guy living beneath my tenants is going to cause lots of problems for my tenants. I understand that he is in breach of his tenancy by acting this way and he has been acting this way for some time. I’m a council leaseholder so I’ve been calling and emailing my housin officer to alert them to this guy and get them to get him evicted but haven’t had a conversation with any housing officers as yet - housing. Officers are typically overworked and unavailable 99% of the time.

My question is - has anyone dealt with something. Like this before and if so, how did you get the scary neighbour out

the neighbours around him all need to get together and get a solicitors letter to the council ,keeping a log of all events , keep calling the police (the tenant ,not you)

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if there is a way of alarm, cctv securing your flat, it may also add to the evidence.


Thanks this sounds like a plan!

The agent said that actually my tenant did actually film him attempting to scale the balcony. I am waiting for the agent to send the footage to me.

if somone was attempting to climb my balcony. I know where I would be smearing my greasy butter or washing up liquid.