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Nightmare landlord & tenant in our building

We own a flat within a property of 3. 1 owner from each flat is a director of the management company.

Over the last 20yrs we’ve had no problems with the building other than normal maintenance issues, but this year a new owner purchased the basement flat, they have rented it to their brother (apparently it is an official rental with tenancy agreement) - the problem is their brother has mental health issues which manifest in ‘extreme’ anti social behaviour including last week threats to slit the throats of others in the building which resulted in his arrest but he was quickly released and is back in his flat. Over the last few months the police have been called out on numerous occasions, plus social workers, ambulances and the fire brigade.

The flat is now boarded up as the ‘tenant’ smashed all the windows, there is regular screaming, shouting, smashing of furniture etc, I’m absolutely amazed that our tenant of 10yrs+ is still living above this. The owner occupiers on the top floor find it a nightmare to live there and in such a short time the new owner has reduced the value of the building and made the other 2 properties basically unsalable.

We have calmly spoken to the owner and family members of the tenant and have been told it is his home and he is staying so if we have a problem with him we will have to follow legal routes!!
We just don’t know what on earth to do and what legal routes we can follow.

​​​​​​​Can’t believe this is happening as the area is such a lovely residential community, full of families and certainly not a typical problem area. Any help or advice please, has anyone any experience with anything like this I kind of hope not as it’s a nightmare!

You need proper legal help with this. You will need to consult a specialist housing solicitor. An initial phone call is usually free of charge, (for example I spoke with a solicitor from Anthony Gold for about 20 mins last year). If s/he thinks you have a case for legal action perhaps you and the top floor owner could fund it between you.

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