Voicemail callback Ireland number

Hi, I received 2 voicemails from interested tenants but I saw that in order to call them back I have to dial an Ireland number starting +353. Is that an Openrent number or is it the callers real number?


google 353 and you will get the answer

It’s Ireland’s country code but that does not tell me much

put the whole number in . Open rent office not in Ireland

Can’t find anything on Google for those numbers. I know checkatrade does something similar - they hide the real number and use some kind of forwarding service - but I’d expect those numbers to be in the UK not international.

Generaly who do the numbers shown on a voicemail message belong to?

why not send a text to them saying they must phone you up and speak direct to you.

Apparently that’s the real number of the callers. All good

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This is not so much a reply to the OP, but a general post letting people know that, should you need to call overseas, dial 0845 222 6666, wait for a computerised response, then dial your overseas number, including the country code. It is free of charge, for 59:59 minutes, so long as your phone landline provider allows free calls to 0845 numbers. I frequently make hour long calls to Australia, for nothing.


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