Warning other landords and Licencing Laws and Advertising

Referencing -
It’s very difficult to warn the next landlord about a problem tenant when you want them to leave… Any advice?

Referencing agencies contact you asking if they paid on time and how they kept your property - (sometimes inviting further comment but rare) If you do comment negatively the next landlord may reject them and you’re stuck with uncommunicative difficult tenants. The one I have is a real jekyll and hyde. Sweetness and light at the viewing then slammed the phone down in the first week when they highlighted a problem with a draught fireplace and I wanted to just come and measure up to board it.

What if they restrict your access which they are allowed to do?

They are doing the same for viewings now that they are moving after just 8months, having said they would stay long term. They are blaming the school opposite but didn’t give any chance to rectify the situation. I’ve contacted the school twice and they say after the initial contact no boys have been near my properties after sending out patrols.

Also on another note: the licencing laws are killing me (minimum rooms sizes) they worry about tenants being depressed - what about landlords whi can’t rent their properties and who are constantly bombarded by HmO tenants who you can’t rent to - i can’t make the ad more clear … if I say it isn’t a HMO the ai on the advertising portals list you as shared accommodation. I’ve changed the wording but no one reads it or they ignore on the off chance you will be a dodgy landlord.

this is the world of the landlord . Just be alert . Your country needs lerts