Watch Sky News Presenter's Viral Rant at Tenant

In the media storm that followed last week’s announcement of plans to repeal Section 21, you might have missed Jayne Secker’s infamous interview with Kirsty Archer, member of the London Renters Union.

Kirsty was on TV to talk about her experience of being served a Section 21 notice — a topic Jayne Secker had strong views on!

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Well I quite agree with her that many tenants do not know the basics of maintaining a property to fitness. Students are especially at guilt in my experience.


Actually parents are at fault. They are so busy wiping their kid backsides they have forgotten that their job is to prepare them for independent life. Kids grew up young in my day now they are still kids in their 30s. Time to back pedal and reintroduce actual family living where everyone had to be involved with care around the home.

This is so true and why should it be the landlords problem if he wants his property back
There could be a law to say if he takes it back he cannot let it for a period of time if the previous tenant can prove they were not at fault
But he can sell or move a family member in

Remember also Tenants only have to give Landlord’s one months notice, putting us at riak of empty periods, whilst we (landlords) have to give 2 months.
It seems to me everything is weighted against Landlords theses days.

It is totally not fair for the landlords. The government just want to protect the tenants not the landlords. We have lost £20,000 recently because the tenants didn’t pay us over 6 months and we have to go to the court to get it back with section 21 notice. Section 21 notice is the way called accelerated possession, it still took over 6 months to get our property back and they damaged our house, left our house like dumping ground condition, even the bailiffs said they were not human. We need to repair our house after they left. It cost us lots of money. If some of the cases are more complicated, with section 21 notices, it will take over years, someone we know, took them many years to get it back.
We are very responsible landlord. The process was so long and stressful. My life was in hell. And the tenants just walked away. Who will pay for what we lost?

Well, I am a landlord in London. And my rooms offered are at £700/mon, big rooms, all bills included. They have been empty for half a year now. Why this tenant is talking about £2000/mon and very difficult to rent in London? Neither is true.
Of course there are people renting a place at thousands or tens of thousands a month. You rent within your capability. It not no cheap renting around, even in London.

Well I have even cheaper rooms available. But they are out of circulation because of minimum room size stipulated by the government as the government wants people to have decent living. We have to admit the more decent our living is, the more expensive housing becomes.

With government’s quantitative easing (printing money), every thing has gone up, including housing, not just renting, but also buying and running rental properties.

And the over regulation in the name of protecting tenants only increasing the cost of landlord and enrich the coffee of the council. Who will pay for this?

Your statement is very true . .Parents dont take any money off their kids even if the kids are working. To take an amount off them helps them appreciate everything must be paid for. or renting will be a big shock for them Cleaning? what is that? Teach them how to change a plug… I am a joiner . My daughter was one of the best workers I had. My two sons were my apprentices. This prepares kids for life

Sam I have only just watched this clip . This was not a Rant. This was mild. Now other people on this forum have gone into a message rant. but your headline misleads. If you want to hear a proper rant ask me about Trump or the goverment policies!!

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