'Wear and Tear' or not?

So in our flat we’ve been in since April 2019, we have a very nice modern bathroom. We’ve looked after well, but noticed a couple of weeks ago that a small crack has appeared at the edge of the toilet seat lid/cover (not the seat itself). It’s not something we’ve done, it just appeared one morning. I’ve looked it up and that particular model of seat is quite expensive (which I guess it why it was noted so specifically in the inventory!).

Would this be deemed wear and tear, in terms of the deposit? Or would the agent try to claim it was damage? If it’s not worth arguing, I’ll replace it myself… it’ll be far cheaper than letting the agent deduct it from the deposit!

only you can decide this matter

You could always tell the agent/landlord what you have said here, and see what they say? If you report it at the time it happens it may go in your favour more than if you say nothing until check out? But if dealing with an agent maybe not! If you are prepared to replace it anyway, then you have nothing to lose surely by mentioning it.

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I would just replace it. If it wasn’t cracked before then something must have caused it, things generally don’t just break!

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