Toilet seat replacement

Tenant never informed me toilet seat was broken. She said coz it was wobbly a piece broke and her dad replaced.
Problem. Designer bathroom. New toilet seat wrong size for loo.
Tenant threw away old seat.
Never informed me.
Her dad, not Plumver , says, wear and tear.
I would like to get a bathroom
Company in and supply and fit replacement and charge her.
Comments please

If its a relatively new bathroom, you must have records to say make of toilet. Can’t you just ‘add to basket’ a replacement & fit. Or add to basket to keep in your cupboard for when the existing tenants move out if they are happy with the one their Dad has fitted.

Personally, I wouldn’t be arguing with a tenant over a toilet seat. It’s a relatively cheap fix. That said, I would educate them on how easy it is to tighten, if it went wobbly again.


I would replace it - with something robust!

Thx. You.
I replace everything normally immediately with no argument , never fix just replace. This lid is £140 and their attitude is aggressive I will
Ask them to replace.

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£140 :open_mouth:

Why so expensive?


I don’t think they will be happy will £140! Is it worth ruining your relationship over? Just put a few extra £ on the next rent rise to cover it.


You chose to rent a property with a £140 toilet seat. Toilet seats can become loose, and occasionally break. Its not the end of the world. I wouldn’t be falling out with a tenant over it.


i would think . How much rent am I getting? So should I just Bare the cost as I am Flush enough. Just consider it money down the Pan and put a Lid on it


Something definitely stinks here. Need to get to the bottom of it. :slight_smile:


I agree .Wee must not paper over the cracks


Very funny chaps.
It’s expensive as it’s some posh Italian designed loo and only this lid fits.
Agree not worth the hassle but it’s only one of a number of things she broke . Won’t b renewing
Have a great weekend


I run a holiday letting abs get through about 2 seats a year, I used to buy expensive now I buy cheap.

£140 for a toilet seat is extremely expensive and I think if they challenged it with the deposits people it wouldn’t be considered “reasonable”. Replace with a cheap seat, and allowable wear and tear.


You should be grateful the tenant has replaced the toilet seat . Its the tenants who ring to telling me the toilet seat is broken who annoy me as its so easy for tgem to fix themselves .
Would you want them to ring you up to change a lightbulb too?
If its some fancy designer toilet seat just wait until you are selling the property then replace it but that could be years away.


I agree with landlord here. If it’s a designer toilet seat then it’s the tenants responsibility to replace it because they have a duty to return the property in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. If you lent your friend an expensive designer coat and they stained it and then chucked it away but then gave you back a coat from Primark, I don’t think anyone here would say that’s acceptable. As long as you can prove to the deposit scheme that the original was definitely costing that much and that no other toilet seat fits right, I don’t see any problem. It’s the tenants responsibility to report issues within the property anyway so if they reported it then you wouldn’t be in this situation. It may have been your choice to put a designer toilet but you may want to keep the property at a high standard too so it’s not ok to have some ill-fitting toilet seat.


Dig out the receipt, look up the model seat, get a quote for a new one, show in teh AST where it states the tenants responsibilities, show them to the tenant. Toilet seats come loose but the tenant has a responsibility to inform you of any problems, before they get worse, if not they take the responsibility for replacement and associated costs.

The way it works in England is: you repair your designer toilet seat at your own expense unless you can prove that the damage was not down to wear and tear. Chances are your insurance doesnt cover the cost even if accidental. Or just be grateful that you have a good tenant that pays the rent on time and repairs there own toilet seat. Your choice.

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I believe this comes down to whether the toilet seat is specifically listed on the inventory. If a generic ‘white’ toiler seat is listed they don’t have a responsibility to replace with an identical unit just one of similar quality and design. So that would mean wood or plastic same colour irrespective of price but the size would need to match. I guarantee you that unless the make and model of the toilet seat is specifically mentioned on the inventory, if you try to make a deduction for this via a Deposit Protection Scheme, they will make a £10-15 deduction for this so best to resolve this directly.

Hey OP!

I understand your frustration, it seems like you want like for like for something broken by a tenant. Which I totally appreciate! It sounds like you care a lot about the property and have invested a lot of time and money into making it perfect. That being said, the tenant although most likely is financially able to live in the property, might not a) have the same disposable income and b) feel £140 is reasonable for a toilet seat. Regardless she has tried to resolve the situation by replacing the toilet seat, and explaining that it has been damaged which by all measures is a good honest and kind thing to do.

If you want my honest opinion, £140 is a lot for a toilet seat that relays on someone else to maintain & most likely the next tenant won’t even notice it isn’t the original.

But if you feel really strongly about it, take it from her bond and let it go to your deposit company for dispute, that is the fairest way.

Also, I hope it is heated and massages my bum for £140 wowee! <3