What are market gaps in the current property management software

Hello everyone,

I’m planning to build a cloud based property management portal which integrates letting agents-landlords-tenants and handymen in one place.

One of the major feature is to build an repair management using automated workflows so that everyone involves and get updated in the portal (workflow steps like landlord approval, handymen quotation, work progress and real time discussions and activities)

Do you experienced some other difficulties on the existing software?

Nice idea. Send me a PM

As the saying goes, 'good luck with that '. Openrent offers everything I need and has been remarkably inflation resistant.

There’s a reason why tradespeople integration is impossible: ‘Franchise’ type arrangements where a tenant has to phone a call center or log a ticket to fix a simple problem have been an utter, abject failure.

Here’s how it really works: Tenant can call me almost 24/7 with a problem. I’m the one who has to call 5 local tradespeople to catch the interest of one (I keep a list). Though of course I first decide if I’ll drive round and fix it myself using my extensive toolkit and parts bin. And if it’s a neighbour problem, I’ll be WhatsApping the owner of the neighboring flat whose on my speed dial.

And I’m exactly the type of mom’n’pop landlord that the Tory party is trying to exterminate with tax hikes and red tape.

It’s certainly needed in the market
I’ve tried a few but none give traceable maintenance issues from reporting to completion which could be used if there’s a dispute
NRLA are about to introduce one, so keep your eye open for competition!