Replacement Cooker

My tenant infomred me at 5.30pm last night that the cooker had gone kaput, no worreis on that score, I knew one day it would need replacing. I can only get delivery on a Thursday or Monday, is it unfair for me to expect him to be there for delivery, (I will arrange for installatin and removal of the old cooker) or do I need to be there and is it acceptable to leave him without a cooker for a week? I could give him a small camping stove I have. BTW - the flat is nearly 20 miles away so it’s not a queston of nipping over when they are about to deliver but staying in his flat until they arrive.

I don’t think its reasonable to expect him to be there as he may be working of have other things to do and essentially its a landlord responsibility to get it installed.


Not at all - after all, both me & my tenants have always preferred that they are there for repairs, deliveries etc. After all, it’s their home. The one time I had to go as they were unable to be there & I was unable to rearrange delivery of a sofa, I felt very awkward being in someone else’s home without them. Even though I’m the owner.

If the tenant can be there then great, but if its inconvenient then a landlord cannot exoect hhe tenant to carry out a legal duty that is theirs.

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We give our tenants the option. We let them know when the delivery is going to be then end with if you are not available it’s not a problem we can take delivery. 9/10 they say they can be available but if not we make arrangements to be there. There is never an expectation that they should make themselves available after all it’s my property my responsibility.


Always good to be there, take photos of the new installed items and a do quick property inspection at the same time. Plus of course to make sure no damage is done by the installation

I usually expect my tenants to be around for such events. I am very wary of being in the house when the tenants are out. If something valuable goes missing, they could easily accuse the landlord of theft.

often the delivery people can wire it in for a price (AO). if they cant be there you should be, tell them to put any valuables away as 3 rd parties will be in the unit. Anyone can wire in a cooker if they can wire a plug, you dont need a part P qualified electrician as its a replacement. i do mine