What obligation does my landlord/letting agent have to fix my fridge quickly?

Last Monday, I reported my fridge had completely stopped working. I emailed the letting agents to tell them, as I’m supposed to do. I then get a call from my landlord, explaining that I should just buy a new one rather than get this one fixed–I told him the price of the cheapest one I could find, and he wasn’t going to pay that. The next day, a contractor comes round and says he’s going to have to order a part.

Long story short is it’s now been nine days since I reported the problem and I’ve still got no sense of when it might be fixed. Letting agents are either ignoring or giving vague responses to my emails. I’m just wondering what, if any kind of recourse I have. Surely, they have some sort of obligation to get something like a fridge sorted out faster than this. I’ve had to throw away so much food and I’m sure you can imagine how it’s been living without a fridge for nine days.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice. Thanks.

There is no easy legal route for you to enforce so I suggest you just keep chasing.