What protection / advice re damp, mold, etc

Moved 6 months ago into what is a seemingly lovely property first glance - but there is damp, mold buildup due to dripping tap not being fixed since we moved, shower that didn’t drain - but now does as they dealt with it, but still the smell of damp, heating not working in one of the bedrooms, and other things. I have been sent at least 4 or 5 different sets of people to deal with issues - but they have not been resolved (landlord cuts corners, goes for cheapest, they don’t show up etc).
My question:
What protection/ redress do I have?
I have someone due to take damp meter readings.
The dehumidifier I plugged in filled up quickly.

The work space (work from home, sound sensitive work) advertised as a poss pad for teenagers or young adult - has a pump that kicks in periodically - meaning I have to re-do any recordings if it goes off during me recording.

Son had cough for nearly 2 months that culminated in chest infection.
Insane. this is down as a ‘high end’ property - with the price tag to match.
Any help/ suggestions appreciated …

Give the landlord a deadline by which to solve the issues or you will involve the local environmental health department.

Landlord might be wrong here but I struggle to understand why you let dripping tap go this far where it effects you and your son. Are you paying the person who will take damp meter readings? As stated you can complain council.

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