Changing OpenRent's "Rent Collection Amount" under Rent Review Clause

My tenant’s rent increases annually, in line with a Rent Review Clause (a bespoke clause added at the start of the tenancy to OpenRent’s standard AST template).

The tenants are not required to agree to it again, they’ve already signed their contract, knowing there’s an annual % increase. It’s a specific term of their contract.

If I change the rental amount collected via OpenRent’s Rent Collection feature, I don’t want the tenants to receive emails inviting them to “accept” the change, and make it seem like it’s up for negotiation.

Can anyone suggest a way to increase the amount of rent that OpenRent collects, without requiring the tenants to click an “accept” button? Or suggest an alternative rent-collection service, if OpenRent’s won’t work for me?

Thanks for any help!

PS, The notice period, tenancy arrangement and legal requirements have all been adhered to. This isn’t me putting up the rent without notice to the tenants, their contract says “£X in the first year, and will increase by Y% each year”. I’ve also given them a reminder, and they’ve acknowledged the reminder and increased amount. I’m asking for help operating OpenRent’s Rent Collection service, not advice on the terms of the contract.

could you share with us your bespoke Rent Review clause… i am in the similar situation… thanks

I wouldnt recommend having a rent review clause. Many landlords have been finding that as rents rise by double digit percentages, they are stuck with lower increases due to the clausd in their contract. Better imo to let the tenancy go periodic and use a s13 notice to set the increase yourself.

I copied it from p21 of the Government’s model AST here: Model agreement for a shorthold assured tenancy - GOV.UK

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