What's your views on Rent to Rents as Landlords?

I would love to hear honest opinions on Rent to Rents.

This has been asked many times before on other posts. The majority view is DO NOT DO IT.

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Leaves you exposed and takes away all your control.

Make sure you have a good sertraline supply if you do it :slight_smile:


you will also need therapy


In what sense does it leave us exposed?

You would be exposed in many ways, including local authority prosecution for licensing or health and safety breaches, cancelled insurance, failure of middle man to deliver guaranteed rent, inability to recover your property when you want/need it, inability to recover your property at all if you use an incorrect or doctored contract, lack of any consumer rights as its a commercial contract, etc etc.

Take a look at this thread for a more comprehensive answer: Rent to Rent scams (propertytribes.com)