Letting Through Serco / Mears

Just wondering if any landlords have experience of letting through either of these companies, and how did it go? On the face of it they do offer a pretty good deal for landlords.

Its rent to rent though.

Sorry David Iā€™m not with you there - could you elaborate a little?

Actually I havent read the details of the offer, but my understanding is that Serco would be your tenant and they would sublet to the assylum seekers. This is known as Rent to Rent, which in general has caused more problems for landlords than almost any other initiative. There are videos and forum posts explaining some of them if you search. Whilst the Serco offer may be genuinely intended, I would never consider anything that involved rent to rent.

in other words mark 27 you will have NO control who is chosen as a tenant in YOUR property. . Promises of support are meaningless


Right I get it now, thank you.

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