When do I need to update agent about rolling contract?

My current tenancy is on a rolling 3-month contract and expires on 25th March. The agent messaged me on 7th February asking me if I was intending to stay on in the property for another 3 months. I’m currently looking for another place close enough for me to walk to work and am wondering how long I can legitimately hold off answering the query - alternatively can I tell the truth or do they have grounds to end the contract? I will happily stay on there for another 3 months if I can’t find anywhere but I don’t want this to go wrong and for them to kick me out! Can they do that?

What type of contract did you sign? Did it say that it was a contractual periodic tenancy from the start? If not, did it say that it was a fixed term of 3 months duration and if so, what did it say would happen at the end of the fixed term? What did it say about notice from you?

They can’t just kick you out and would have to serve at least 2 months notice, but the answers to the above will determine how much notice you would have to give when you want to leave.

Eviction takes quite a while so even if they decided to serve notice, you’ll have time to find a place.

If it looks likely you’ll be able to find a place soon then it’s polite to tell them but not legally required. Check what notice you’re required to give. If you’re hoping for a shorter notice period then being on their best side is the best way to go. They aren’t required to work with you, but can choose to.

If you aren’t confident you’ll find a place then I think it’s okay to say “At this moment I have no plans to move”. I can understand not wanting to rock the boat when you aren’t confident you have another option.

Circumstances do change and while it isn’t ideal, most people will understand you coming back later and saying “I didn’t expect to be moving, but an opportunity came up that I’m taking”. If this happens after you said you weren’t planning to move - plan to give the full notice and work with them as much as is reasonable. (But don’t let them take the piss either, of course)