Which Bank Does Openrent Use

Hello everyone.
I’m first time tenant to use Openrent and new to the UK as well. I found a house through the platform and I went for house viewing. Everything went well and I paid a holding deposit for the house( important paid through debit card). After signing the contracts, it’s when I had to make the final deposit as well as first month rent. Now, there are several options to make the payment but there is no option for debit card, which has been a concern for me and my bank provider. As I was making the bank transfer to the account openrent provided( not sure if it’s the real Openrent account) my bank flagged the transaction and when I reached out to the support they insist I should pay with debit card the same way I paid the holding deposit.
My question is? For those who have used Openrent platform to pay their rents, do you pay by bank transfer or debit card? And, is this bank Modulr Fs Ltd associated to Openrent or someone wants to scam me. I’m so much in need of the house so I feel tempted to proceed and pay and at the same time I don’t want to lose my money. Someone with knowledge on how to proceed please help. Thanks!