Which packages are better


I am new here, I am looking to buy renting packages.
Which one do you use guys and which one is better?
£20 packages do not include the contract.

It depends what you are looking for.

The £29 package is advertising only. The £49 is Rent Now which includes the advertising and the letting process.

What you don’t want to do is pay for advertising and then decide to use Rent Now because you then pay £29 and £49!

I always use Rent Now because it sorts the contracts, takes the money, lodges the deposit and sends the required notices to the tenant.

It’s peace of mind for the tenants too because they pay their money to Open Rent not some random person who may or may not be legit! Open Rent don’t pass the first rent on until after about a week after the tenant moves in. Even though it delays me getting the first rent, I’m happy with that because it is good protection for the tenant (eg from someone who is committing fraud by letting the same property more than once or a property they don’t own).

Others prefer to use their own contracts and other deposit services etc.

I’m just going through my first tenancy and recommend £49 package

The portal is excellent when you are using it with great support - my only recommendation is when you are advertising think twice about allowing sharers.I was inundated thought it was great and secured 3 lovely people.The only problem as an honest landlord I contacted the Council who wanted sound proofing and 8 fire doors installed in my brand new home - when I told them about the 200 dishonest landlords renting in my area who had not contacted the council they went quiet.Think twice before stating SHARERS on your advert

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That’s the danger of renting it out yourself with insufficient knowledge of the law - it’s a complicated area, and, much as I hate to say it, you might be better letting though an agent if you are a newbie. Or get yourself on some courses.