Who is responsible for such breakdown?

Landlord, what would you advise, please?
Our tenants have just reported the oven door was broken.
> The oven door has just broken and smashed!
(I wish it can shown the picture here)
Broken glasses were all over the kitchen floor.
This can’t be normal wear and tear nor operational breakdown.
It seems an accident occurred.
This is the 3rd time they asked for accidental repair.
The 1st one was a broken door frame. It was a second door frame after the front door entrance.
The 2rd repair was a radiator drip. We found that end bit was bent and got it fixed.
Then this 3rd one comes along. All within the past 6 months.
Is it the landlord’s responsibility of such repaired? Does the tenants need to bear some of the repair cost too.
Or do you think tenants should fix it as they cause it to be broken?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

How did they say it happened?

Tenants reply that the handle fell off and jammed onto the cupboard.
Which they hadn’t notice as when open the door it shattered the glass and fall apart.

if the handle fell off how did they open the door?


Theres just not enough information to be able to assess here.

I would say only you can decide on this. How does a door frame just break? Any signs of force iE excessive slamming or kicking door?

Radiator drip could occur if pipe kicked or knocked. Is it reasonable wear and tear or just clumsiness?

The oven door excuse just sounds like nonsense to me.

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All sounds a bit odd. Suppose they could have been removing it to clean and dropped it?
But couldn’t say that as it would be admitting liability.
Suppose your problem is proving it. Burden of proof is on the LL. Deposit schemes will side with tenant otherwise.
Take photos anyway and log all they have said, reiterating it to them in an email if need be.
Maybe decide if you want to keep them, going forward.

Yes, agree that the oven door smashed sounds a bit odd.
They have not gave us all the details, I supposed.
Will go for 50/50 split and see what they said.
Wouldn’t want to bear all the cost as hey did damage it.
Anyway, thanks for all your response, much appreciated.
Thank You :pray:


Oven doors can fracture due to thermal shock, seen it happen to many things. Kitchen sinks ( not metal ), pots, oven doors, hob lids. Anything glass that gets hot and is quickly cooled. BANG !!!


I would say that is not normal wear and tear

Well you need to fix it and it and it wont be cheap. Consider buying a more rugged metal faced new cooker. If you are not happy with tenant issue a section 21 when you can. Maybe do more inspections - are lots of people visiting - is it children running wild.
You will know when you inspect if they are looking after the house then decide. Dont expect them to pay for repairs, you can ask for a contribution and photograph it but nothing apart from that