Who pays for pest control?

What are the rules for this? If it’s an infestation I would understand and I think landlord should pay but If its the odd mouse which every flat in the UK has one.

The first six months it is the landlord’s responsibility after that it is the tenant(s). However I would suggest block up any holes to stop the mice getting in with wire-wool or cement.

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Hi Rosalind, I must say I haven’t heard that before.

@TonyM my understanding is that the landlord is responsible for ensuring no pests on at the beginning of the tenancy (i.e. by the time the tenant moves in, the property should be pest-free).

If the tenant attracts pests by, e.g. allowing rubbish to pile up in their garden, then they are responsible. But of course these tenants may be less likely to solve the issue, meaning the landlord may end up having to do it and then taking money from the deposit.



I would be interested to find out about this, i’ve had some tenants who have been in for a year and then said they have seen mice running about. It was my understanding its their responsibility as they have been living in the property and attracted them due to poor cleaning routine.

However they kicked off and said it was mine, i ended up sorting but would like to know what the law says.

The property has been mice free since i owned it 10
Years ago. (Until this now)

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Lots of possibilities with this one it could be landlord or tenant responsibility - 1 what does it state in the tenancy agreement. 2 Was the property already infested at the start of the tenancy. 3 Whether the infestation has resulted from some act by the tenant. 4 Whether the property is in disrepair.

I need to get clarification on this too.
Our tenant moved in in February and started seeing mice & droppings in April. We acted straight away, first offering natural deterrents or to block access holes ourselves (which she rejected); when the problem persisted, we contacted the local council for assistance & organised a pest control company to visit. They have now visited five times (they would normally only need three visits) and the council have returned to clean up, but she saw a mouse yet again this Monday. I have been in touch with the council’s Environmental Health department and learned that she has started a complaint against us, and have contracted a different pest control company to visit tomorrow, but she emailed yesterday to say she is starting to look for other accommodation and asked about a reduction in rent (she says she isn’t using the kitchen or living room). We’ve also provided an electronic sonar deterrent, poison traps and peppermint oil for her.
We were aware of the presence of mice about two years before she moved in, while we were living there, but got rid of them using natural deterrents within two or three weeks and aren’t aware of their presence since then. The people in the flats above & below haven’t had any activity in this time (but did see one come out of our flat, under the door). She keeps the flat very clean, so I know she has not encouraged them to enter.
I am concerned she now intends to withhold rent & try to break her contract (although we have told her that she can terminate it early, with two months notice). What are my rights & responsibilities with this? I have clearly tried (and am still trying) everything within my power to get rid of the pest, but does she have any claim to reduced rent? She has housing benefit, so presumably that would also be affected & I would have to contact them?
Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

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