Pest Control Responsibility

Firstly apologies if this has already been asked. I did a search and found nothing. My tenants have recently renewed their tenancy and have now been in the property for 14mths. Last week (3/08) i received an email from the property manager that there is a rodent issue in the property. I replied stating that I did not see this as a landlord problem and the tenants should be able to sort this out themselves will poison/trap etc. Tonight i received an email from the property manager that the tenants have complained to the local council and my property manager has now received an email from the Environmental Health officer overnight, from Lambeth Council. I would like to know what my legal obligations are. There has never been a problem in the past with mice/rodents and I have had the flat for over 20yrs. The tenants have recently renewed the tenancy and they know there was no problem in the past. I am yet to speak to Lambeth Council but am surprised they are involved on a private tenancy issue over a mouse?

Any assistance would be welcome.


You need to go and investigate what the source of the problem is. Why haven’t you already done that? Unless you understand the problem you can’t solve it.

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The landlord is responsible for ensuring there are no holes or access points. Youd better check.

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Have you any idea how much damage rodents can do to your property- get over there now and investigate- you may find tenants have poorly stored food etc. I’m sorry but you need to deal with this now!

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Ask the Council if they have a rodent control service. Ours does and it’s not that expensive. T didn’t realise that overspill from bird feeders are just an invite for local rats to have a picnic.

They can sort it for you and then report it to themselves as fixed.

Job done.

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