Rightmove listing

Does anyone know why my listing on Rightmove hasn’t listed it with the description as I’d listed it on Open rent.

Ie. I’ve added details about the property re white goods and where it’s located ie near a local hospital. None of this is mentioned? I’m miffed

I read that there’re requirements that you should fit in. One of them is you should not use “I” or “We”. If you do, your description on RightMove may not show. There’re others. Info is somewhere on this site.

It was a re advertisement from a previous year and I checked the criteria and it definitely fitted. I have now contacted open rent who will make the changes. I don’t understand why they don’t do this to begin with. I didn’t ask for a “smart add” which lacked any information really
Thanks for help and advise though

Hi @Blondie.1 -

If you always want your full description to appear on the portals, you can set this in your advanced settings. The option is called “Wait for Approval Before Publish”. The downside is it will introduce some delay into publishing your advert, but we do offer this flexibility for those that prefer it.


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